Greenpeace Reminds the World That They Want Civilization Destroyed

Just in time for the Democrat debate. According to the Houston Chronicle, nearly two dozen Greenpeace hoodlums hung themselves from the Fred Hartman Bridge in Houston in an effort to confront Trump & the oil industry.

Fortunately, they were later arrested. But while hanging from the bridge, they forced the ship channel affected by their stunt to close, delaying shipment of oil and gas shipments by sea. In a long-winded statement one of the bullies named Brianna Gibson posted on Greenpeace’s website is a tirade of hate against the fossil fuel industry which translates into her disdain for civilization itself. Here is a sample:

“Right now, I sit suspended from the Fred Hartman Bridge in Houston, Texas. This is my attempt to stop the wheels from turning in this extractive economy, even if only for a day. The Fred Hartman Bridge spans the Houston Ship Channel, the largest fossil fuel thoroughfare in the United States, and second-largest in the world. Each day, over 700,000 barrels of oil pass through the Ship Channel, and should the fossil fuel industry have its way, this number will increase to at least 2 million.”

One other Greenpeace punk named Valentina Stacki is quoted saying their activity is geared to push the Democrat leadership to lay the groundwork for a world without fossil fuels. This is the kind of venom and antipathy people like Stacki and her cohorts have for us and our way of life.

Meantime, many of these misfits would go back to their fossil fuel powered homes or college dormatories and not think twice about their contradictions because, in the end, they hope if their vision comes true, they will be on the receiving end of reaping the benefits of what they have down. The example of so many other Communist states is clear proof that is not the case.