Sewage From Homeless Pollutes North American Water Ways

If you want to see the Left’s plan for the civilized world, you need look no further than California. More specifically, it isn’t just the high taxes to drive up the state’s cost of living or onerous zoning rules to shut out housing construction, but the sewage from California’s homeless population. The Sacramento Bee reports that the once great American River now has sewage pollution in it that has literally made the once might waterway into a cesspool.

The destruction of the Golden State via policies that result in this is intentional and being done maliciously. Worst of all, other rivers in California (such as Stockton’s Delta River) are in worse shape, including the Great Lakes under the jurisdiction of Canada resulting from municipalities dumping raw sewage.

So far, the only thing outcry from environmentalists are remarks from the Sierra Legal Defense Fund stating that the Great Lakes needs to stop being looked at as a toilet. However, environmentalists would, most likely, oppose plans to construct water treatment plants that can help de-contaminate lakes and rivers affected by this latest pollution scourge. The Left only cares about the environment when it’s convenient or in order to defeat their political enemies.