Australian Woman Dies Tragically Due to Lack of Vaccination

Zoe McGinty was a beautiful, 20 year old woman from Australia who died tragically from Meningococcal disease and now her mother, Kristin, is campaigning to raise awareness about the rare, deadly sickness. The only cure for the disease is vaccination that, unfortunately, Zoe was not immunized for.

“‘She said she felt unwell… the next morning, she was dead’: Mum’s urgent warning about ‘random and brutal’ meningococcal after her fit and healthy daughter, 20, suddenly died from the disease,” Brett Lackey, Daily Mail Australia

A mother has issued an urgent warning after her daughter suddenly died within a day after complaining of feeling unwell.

Zoe McGinty was a fit, healthy, and intelligent 20-year-old – studying in her third year of university, working part time at the local bakery – and enjoyed going to the gym with her boyfriend.

On September 2, 2017, Zoe arrived home from a workout and, saying she felt faint, took a shower and went to bed for a nap.

Zoe came home from the gym that Saturday morning, made herself breakfast and then said she felt unwell and was going to lie down. By 2am the next morning, she was dead,’ her mother Kirstin McGinty told The Courier Mail.