Anti-Vaccine Group Lies About Baby’s Death, Mother in Denial

Another example of the mentality of many in the anti-vaccine movement. Catie Clobes was shown that her baby died tragically from asphyxiation due to co-sleeping, and she refuses to believe it. Rather, the mother still blames vaccines and, worse still, an anti-vaccine group used the tragedy as a means to raise funds all based on lies.

“Baby who anti-vaxxers claim died from vaccines died from co-sleeping”, by Jo Abi,

The anti-vaccination movement has been called out for blaming the death of a baby in the US on vaccinations, when in fact she died from asphyxiation due to co-sleeping.

NBC investigative journalists Brandy Zadronzy and Aliza Nadi have examined the use of a photo of Evee Clobes by the anti-vaxx movement in Minnesota to fuel misinformation about immunisations.

Billboards of the six-month-old were erected with the words: “Healthy babies don’t just die”, information about a group that are opposed to mandatory vaccinations included at the bottom.

Evee died in March, 2019, and became the latest poster-child for the anti-vaccination movement and it was working. Until a medical report showed she had died from a co-sleeping accident.

Now the tide has turned once again, the anti-vaxx movement exposed for spreading lies that could lead to poor health outcomes for communities around the world.