Alberta, Canada Independence Movement Revived

The recent election in Canada has spurned Alberta to revive an independence movement it undertook back in the 1990’s. The province is abundant in oil and coal and, subsequently, has some of the lowest taxes in Canada. However, with Monday’s election results, despite Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party losing mightily at the polls, he will govern in the minority.

While Canada’s Liberals are considered more center-Left, the New Democrats are even further to the Left, if not overt socialists and, consequently, much more hard-line in terms of environmentalist policies. The New Democrats are also in charge of British Columbia’s legislature and, despite Trudeau’s expressed support for the Transmountain Pipeline expansion, environmentalists (including New Democrats) will oppose it.

The pipeline will carry refined crude oil from Alberta to the British Columbia coast. However, with the NDP in charge of the province, there is little chance they will consent to allowing pipeline construction and Justin Trudeau will do little to stop them. Therefore, Alberta exports oil and coal to the United States and, consequently, an independence effort has started up again. In light of all of this, it is small wonder that Canada’s wealthiest, lowest taxed province wants to have nothing more to do with the country’s Leftist politicians.