Shopping ethically adds almost £500 to annual shopping bill, research finds

By Mike Wright, 12, January 2020, The Telegraph

Shopping ethically and sustainably can add almost £500 to your annual shopping bill, analysis has revealed as eco-campaigners warn cheaper products often come at a greater environmental cost.

Research looking at the ‘shopping basket’ of goods used to work out inflation found that it costs on average an extra £476 a year to buy ethically-sourced versions of products compared to the own-brand equivalents in three major supermarkets.

The study, commissioned by the renewable energy supplier Pure Planet, compared items such as a 300g bag of Asda’s own spinach at £1.05 with the same size bag of Asda’s Grower’s selection organic spinach at £2.00.

The stark price differential was apparent in products from other supermarkets such as Tesco and Waitrose.

A 500ml bottle of organic olive oil costs £5.00 at Waitrose, compared the store’s own version of the same size, which £2.35 – £2.65 cheaper than the original.

Similarly, Tesco’s own brand peanut butter costs £1.30 compared with a jar of Whole Earth organic peanut at £3.00.