WaPo Tries to Whitewash Green, Leftist Terrorists

Eleven defendants are being tried by a Russian military court in St.Petersburg for allegedly plotting bombing attacks three years ago that would take place during the 2018 World Cup Games. The end goal, according to The Washington Post, was to cause enough chaos in order to overthrow Russia’s government.

An indication of the high probability that the defendants are guilty, is that WaPo tries to play them off as innocent victims. The paper reports the 11 men are left-wing antifascists and anarchists, and (essentially) because they are being championed by Amnesty International, they are victims of a repressive government. The Post also further reports that the accused were implicated by Russian intelligence (FSB) for organizing a terrorist group called Network.

During October 2017, WaPo further states, the FSB arrested a Penza university student named Yegor Zorin who was charged with participating in a terrorist group. He later confessed and implicated the others in the Network. One suspect named Dimitri Pchelintsev is, according to WaPo, a vegan shooting instructor interested in environmental issues, said that he and others were anti-authoritarian activists.

Amnesty International did accuse Russian authorities of using torture and planting evidence (if true, is wrong), but what calls into question WaPo‘s credibility is what is left out. The Post does not point out that Russia has had numerous problems with Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) in the past and many of them have been funded by George Soros.

Four years ago, a leaked memo revealed NGO’s connected to George Soros were plotting to overthrow the Russian government. During 2015, Russia banned two foundations accused of dispensing funds to organizations that were accused of disrupting the country’s security.

Soros has a track record of sewing chaos. He all but admitted to funding the Ukraine crisis in 2014. As an extension of it’s hated of President Trump, The Washington Post attempts to demonize Russia and Vladimir Putin by championing the cause of Leftist terrorists even to the point of potentially lying or reporting only half of the events surrounding these 11 (alleged) terrorists.

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