A Nuclear Free Economy

In this 1985 presentation, nuclear scientist Galen Winsor explains the real science behind radiation disposal and nuclear energy safety, and exposes the fraudulent government regulations that keep energy prices artificially high at the expense of the consumer.

Battling Russia and America’s Big Green Machine

You want to see real Russian Collusion? The Russians have funneled millions to groups in the West to oppose energy exploration, especially fracking. This panel will expose that woefully underreported story, and also the influence of billionaire radicals like Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg.

Eco-Terrorists Collude With Russians For South Virginia Pipeline Sabotage?

A very interesting post by The Republican Standard shows eco-terrorism against pipeline construction has made its way to southern Virginia. Citing the Virginians Against Pipelines Facebook page, there are numerous references to methods of sabotage conducted by Earth First! against logging, such as tree spikes, since trees have to be cleared for pipeline construction. Tree…

Environmentalists Panicked Over Sea Faring Russian Nuclear Reactor

A Russian sea-bound nuclear power plant that was launched from St. Petersburg has panicked environmentalists. The UK Telegraph reveals that the Akademik Lomonosov is part of a campaign to provide energy for remote sea-side Russian settlements such as the country’s Pacific peninsular Kamachatka. Despite Russia’s long, safe use of nuclear powered sea vessels, (not surprisingly)…