The Intelligence Agency “Coup” Against Trump Will Ignite Civil War

Journalist Matt Taibbi has written a harrowing article in which he goes into great detail explaining his personal experiences in what comes next having reported on actual Coup’s against governmental leaders. Tim Pool points out how Taibbi’s article explains how the intelligence agencies began targeting Trump even before he took office and Taibbi reveals behind…

How HBO Got It Wrong On Chernobyl

James Conca, Forbes I just knew it! I was hoping I’d be wrong, that HBO would have the courage and integrity to do their homework and consult even one actual nuclear scientist or radiobiologist. Or even just read the United Nations Chernobyl Forum Report, the best source of information on the disaster for non-nuclear people.…

A Nuclear Free Economy

In this 1985 presentation, nuclear scientist Galen Winsor explains the real science behind radiation disposal and nuclear energy safety, and exposes the fraudulent government regulations that keep energy prices artificially high at the expense of the consumer.

Battling Russia and America’s Big Green Machine

You want to see real Russian Collusion? The Russians have funneled millions to groups in the West to oppose energy exploration, especially fracking. This panel will expose that woefully underreported story, and also the influence of billionaire radicals like Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg.