XR Vandalize Cambridge Lawn Over “Destruction of Nature”

Oh the irony! When they’re not obstructing traffic, conducting die-ins, vandalizing war memorials, or showing up naked to parliament meetings, the climate change cult, known as Extinction Rebellion, decided to conduct some human-caused climate change of their own. This time, their latest antic was to dig up a lawn at Oxford University’s Trinity College. This while some others also chained themselves to an apple tree on Trinity’s front lawn.

The cultists claim, according to BBC, it was to fight back against the destruction of nature. The hoodlums used mud they excavated from the lawn to litter a the hall of a Barclay’s Bank branch. XR vandals implicate Barclays due to their financing the construction of a lorry (i.e. truck) park for the university.

This doesn’t just demonstrate XR’s brain dead foolishness, but also environmentalist’s hostility to any type of development which is an extension of civilization. They won’t think twice about people’s lives destroyed due to what they advocate.

PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia – Trinity College Great Court, Creative Commons License