Canadian Minister Confirms Railway Safety Equipment Sabotaged by Far-Leftists

Canada’s transport minister has admitted anti-pipeline activists are sabotaging railway safety equipment as part of their efforts to shut down the country’s rail system. Canada is presently in crisis, not just due to the Leftist terrorists, but because Prime Minster Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government obviously are on their side and refuse to take swift action to have the hooligans arrested.

Canadian Minister Confirms Far-Left Extremists Sabotaging Railway Safety Equipment

By Chris Tomlinson, 19, Feb. 2009 Breitbart

Canadian transport minister Marc Garneau, a member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, has admitted far-left protesters aligned with a counter-pipeline group have been actively sabotaging railway infrastructure.

Minister Garneau appeared on public broadcaster CBC on Monday to discuss the ongoing crisis which has crippled the Canadian rail system in large parts of the country and confirmed that aspects of the rail system were being tampered with.

“There have also been instances of tampering on the railways… One that concerns me is disabling the signalling that occurs at a road crossing… We accept peaceful protests and demonstrations in this country that are peaceful and lawful, but it is concerning if people aren’t respecting the fact that they injure themselves and other people,” he said.

Garneau also put out a press release warning those who would look to sabotage the rail lines saying: “Finally, I also want to remind Canadians that tampering with rail lines, rail cars or signalling systems is illegal and extremely dangerous. In addition to putting yourself at risk, you are endangering railway workers and train passengers, as well [the] communities around them.”

The two statements largely confirm blog posts made by Antifa far-left extremists on the blog “Northshore Counter-Info” which have both called for and taken credit for several instances of railway sabotage in recent weeks, claiming to be in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en First Nation.