Canadian Environmentalists Try To Derail Train, Accused of Being Armed With AK-47’s

Members of the Mohawk nation are were filmed forcing a train to stop by standing in front of it, assailed it with rocks, and then putting large tree branches on the tracks. The terrorists then set fire to wooden pallets and even burned a car in an attempt to set fire to the train.

A group known as the National Citizens Coalition tweeted a statement saying that the actions conducted by tribal members and their environmentalist allies should be declared an act of domestic terror and for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to resign if he did not act to stop them. There have been arrests of the thugs involved in the blockades, but a lot have returned. It would not be surprising if no charges are filed since, by his actions, Justin Trudeau obviously wants all of this to occur.

Worst of all, Canada’s dilemma is ultimately the result of a power struggle within the country’s native indian tribes. Premier of Quebec, Francois Legault, recently stated that pipeline gangsters manning the blockades in Kahnawake were observed carrying AK-47 rifles. Another group of nihilists have also demonstrated their contempt for law and order in the country by vandalizing a memorial and buildings belonging to the Canadian Royal Mounted Police.

The entire country of Canada is now literally under the thumb of the nihilistic, violent Left and Canada’s leader, Justin Trudeau, (not surprisingly) does almost nothing to stop them nor take action to force Indian tribes to end their conflict. Trudeau’s actions demonstrate his being complicit not only with this green jihad being conducted on the good citizens of Canada all being done because of a political conflict among Canadian Indian tribes.

Jaspal Atwal was obviously not an anomaly due to Trudeau’s lack of action to bring the environmentalist terrorists and their cohorts that are holding Canada hostage to justice. In other words, Justin Trudeau doesn’t just side with terrorists, he associates with them.

NOTE 02/29/2020: The text of this post was changed slightly to add more context.