Extinction Rebellion May Be Plotting Suicide Stunt

British journalist James Delingpole has written an interesting article at Breitbart describing potential upcoming antics of the climate doomsday cult, Extinction Rebellion (XR), citing a leaked discussion document outlining their plans. The XR thugs have acted like nothing more than infantile jerks who not only have no respect for private property but have convinced themselves The End is Nigh, despite evidence to the contrary. Thankfully, Britons are pushing back.

Delingpole: Kamikaze Greenies – Extinction Rebellion Plots Suicide Stunt

By James Delingpole – March 15, 2020 – Breitbart

Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists, increasingly overshadowed by the coronavirus, have been discussing new and ever more desperate ways to grab attention for their next big publicity stunt.

Mooted tactics include: committing suicide in public (perhaps at the UN’s next climate summit in Glasgow later this year); hunger strike to the death; painting parliament green; spraying traffic lights black; blocking every station, airport, and motorway in Britain; and “scare the fuck out of people”.

These are among the actions proposed on a leaked XR discussion document titled ‘Vital Additions to Action Strategy.’ They appear in a list under the heading ‘Top Ideas from the Sessions.’

The radical ideas seem to be a response to concerns within XR that the public have grown slightly bored with or even irritated by their antics.

For example, the protests in October last year when XR activists were filmed being pelted with missiles and dragged off a tube train in London by angry commuters trying to get to work, is described in XR discussion documents as “arguably problematic for the movement” and “alienating”.

This, the document explains, is because “at the present time, we simply do not have the numbers needed to achieve our goals through mass civil disobedience.”

Extinction Rebellion has been conducting interviews with journalists to find out which of their stunts play well with the media and which don’t.