Kat Von D Apologizes for Anti-Vaxx Posts

The Los Angeles Times reports that tattoo artist, entrepreneur and mom Kat Von D (Katherine Von Drachenberg) has apologized for her posts on Instagram expressing anti-vaccine views. Best of all, her son is vaccinated too. She stated:

“When it comes to the vaccine issue,” she says with a slight tremble in her voice, “I was six months pregnant at the time, and I was still trying to figure out my birthing plan to have my son. And, at the time, I made a completely thoughtless post on my Instagram on whether or not I would vaccinate my son. And, because of it, people think I’m something that I’m not.”

“But the truth is, I’m not an anti-vaxxer at all,” Von D says. “I just made a mistake, and I was completely uninformed. It was stupid, and I really shouldn’t have opened my big mouth on the subject.”

Like anyone else, Kat Von D has a right to her opinions and no doubt she only wants what is best for her child. But by not vaccinating her son she did put him at great risk. When Kat Von D made statements about vaccines it lead to a huge amount of backlash. However, there is no word if her baby is on a vegan diet as she initially stated she wanted to do in which doing so can put her child’s health at risk.

Two cheers.