Kat Von D Apologizes for Anti-Vaxx Posts

The Los Angeles Times reports that tattoo artist, entrepreneur and mom Kat Von D (Katherine Von Drachenberg) has apologized for her posts on Instagram expressing anti-vaccine views. Best of all, her son is vaccinated too. She stated:

“When it comes to the vaccine issue,” she says with a slight tremble in her voice, “I was six months pregnant at the time, and I was still trying to figure out my birthing plan to have my son. And, at the time, I made a completely thoughtless post on my Instagram on whether or not I would vaccinate my son. And, because of it, people think I’m something that I’m not.”

“But the truth is, I’m not an anti-vaxxer at all,” Von D says. “I just made a mistake, and I was completely uninformed. It was stupid, and I really shouldn’t have opened my big mouth on the subject.”

Like anyone else, Kat Von D has a right to her opinions. But by not vaccinating her son she did put him at great risk. When Kat Von D expressed her views on vaccines it lead to a huge amount of backlash. However, there is no word if her baby is on a vegan diet as she initially stated she wanted to do in which doing so can put her child’s health at risk.

Two cheers.