Media Outlets Jump To Conclusions on PETA COVID-19 Tweets

A few days ago, People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) put out a couple of tweets that made one media outlet go berzerk. Distractify made the tweets out to imply that the group said that humanity brought the COVID-19 virus on ourselves because we aren’t eating a vegan diet. The article also cites other times when PETA allegedly said the same thing.

However, upon further examination of the tweets and pages linked in them, that really isn’t what they are saying at all. All PETA is saying is that if people didn’t eat meat than COVID-19 wouldn’t have happened and, in a certain sense, that’s not necessarily the same as blaming the victim. However, they are wrong since Corona viruses (like COVID-19 and SARS) can infect humans even without eating animals.

Corona viruses can also infect humans due to other reasons such as improper animal hygene or any number of factors (including regular contact) and not entirely due to consuming animals for food. In the case of the MERS virus from the Middle East, that virus was transmitted from camels to humans that did not necessarily involve consuming the camels or even drinking their milk or urine (camel urine is a popular drink in the Muslim world).

Consequently, PETA gets free publicity from a publication that assists PETA in their vegan or anti-human advocacy. Because of recent events with the COVID-19 virus, a lot of people are very emotional, possibly including the author of the Distractify article. However, once more is known about the group’s tactics or when reporters dig deeper into what message they’re communicating, no one will care what PETA says anymore and the world will be a lot more peaceful.