Idris Elba: Humans Are An “infection” and COVID-19 Is the Planet Ridding Itself of Them

Actor Idris Elba was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and came right out and said humans brought the COVID-19 virus on ourselves (i.e. blame the victim). Never mind that China’s regime made a concerted effort to cover it up including the outbreak that ensued shortly after, the Chinese Communists also wouldn’t share any information about COVID-19 with United States nor accept our help.

By covering up and refusing assistance, it demonstrates the Chinese Communist regime was either trying to save face or deliberately weaponized COVID-19 in order to attack Western countries. Yet it’s obvious that none of this matters to Elba since he blames mankind rather than place responsibility at the feet of the party where it really belongs: China’s Communist state.

Elba probably has access to top-notch healthcare and will, most likely, recover from his infection. If not, is he willing to accept that his illness or if he dies, according to his logic, that he is a casualty of Earth’s revenge? But, based on his logic, if COVID-19 is Earth’s revenge for what mankind has done to the planet, then Elba is guilty too. Therefore, he should not seek any medical help and let nature take it’s course.

None the less, in light of his remarks, it may be reasonable not to feel remorse for Idris Elba including if he does not survive his COVID-19 infection. Since his contracting the conornavirus or passing away resulting from it is an extension of his albeit immoral and irrational conclusion. Sorry, not sorry.