Ranchers Angered Over Wolf Species Return

To the outrage of ranchers but the gratification of environmentalists, the Mexican gray wolf has bounced back to its highest population numbers in nearly 50 years. According to The Wall Street Journal, the wolf was driven from its habitat located in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States around the 1970’s mainly due to hunting and trapping. The wolves were re-introduced in the late 90’s due to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service releasing wolves in eastern Arizona mountains that Fish and Wildlife raised in captivity.

Since the wolves were reintroduced, their populations have gone up steadily in which the animals now are mainly located along the borders of Arizona and New Mexico. A spokesman for the environmentalist group Defenders of Wildlife is quoted by The Journal saying the population numbers are encouraging. In the meantime, ranchers in both states have to contend to dealing with increased wolf attacks against their livestock.

The WSJ states ranchers’ livestock in the areas of increased wolf populations have been decimated, in which hundreds of livestock have been taken out by wolf attacks over the past twenty years. A representative for the New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association says: “One rancher reports losing a cow or calf every other day.” She and other supporters recommend limited hunts as a way to deal with the problem and higher payments to ranchers who lose livestock due to wolf attacks. Some ranchers have used different means to drive away wolves but they have minimal effect.

It should not be the taxpayers who compensate ranchers for the loss of their livestock but, rather, environmentalist groups, like Defenders of Wildlife, who advocated for these policies, including successfully getting the Mexican gray wolf declared an endangered species which helped their population grow. By making the wolf population larger using statutes (like endangered species laws), it makes it more likely that animals used in meat production (like cattle) will be attacked and even eaten by wolves rendering their being useless for human consumption.

Greens have pushed for policies to help ratchet up wolf populations which environmentalists claim is grounded in their idea of balancing the eco-system. In reality, it is a form of behavior modification grounded in the purest evil since livestock attacks contribute to hiking meat prices. With their claims that meat production contributes to climate change, environmentalists hope high meat prices and the drop in the food supply, will force people to become vegetarians or even vegans while also curbing human activity in order to help the planet’s climate.

The end result is not only would the wolves will kill livestock animals but there could be more attacks against humans too. Increased wolf populations mean increased human contact and it would also help get rid of what gang green sees as the root cause of Earth’s problems: mankind itself.