Greenpeace Trespassing of B.P. Oil Rig Sanctioned by U.K. Court and Why It Matters

A court in Great Britain has fined the eco-terrorist group Greenpeace over $100,000 for a 12 day terror run when its hoodlums boarded and occupied a British Petroleum rig bound for the Vorlich oil field east of Aberdeen, Scotland. BBC states that, while the judge overseeing the case, Lady Wolffe, decided to exercise leniency noting the group’s executive director was given a suspended sentence and Greenpeace knowingly violated a court order preventing their punks from coming within 1600 feet of B.P,’s oil rig.

As a B.P. representative noted that the lenient fine could lead to organisations less safe than Greenpeace being emboldened. Now there is little to stop other eco-terrorist groups to conduct even worse activities against oil rigs such as outright sabotage and even violence. Greenpeace, on the other hand, stated that they stood by their reasons for trying to stop the Transocean oil right and will continue to fight.

Now B.P. has an even worse problem with even more environmentalist organizations breathing down their necks because a British court of law denied the company justice despite the judge in the case acknowledging the chicanery on the part of Greenpeace. Hopefully the company can appeal.