Anti-Science Totalitarians Blamed for Harassment of Scientists, Medical Professionals

A very concerning news report from The London Times citing a study pointing out that a large portion of scientists, physicians and other health professionals are the subject of harassment, threats, violence, and intimidation. This is the result, not just of anti-vaccine organizations, but animal rights groups too. In one way or another, an organized, concerted effort undertaken by a totalitarian organization (usually hailing from the Left) that is the culprit behind this kind of conduct.

Vast majority of scientists in public eye harassed

Aoife O’Brien, The London Times

More than 90 per cent of senior medical professionals and scientists have experienced abusive behaviour, according to a study.

It found that 69 per cent of participants experienced persistent harassment and 62 per cent reported poor mental health as a result of abuse while working, including depression, anxiety and stress. In some cases harassment towards physicians, clinicians, scientists and other medical professionals led to physical violence and intimidation and almost 20 per cent had to seek police advice or legal counsel.

Of the 101 participants in the study more than 30 per cent reported neutral, poor or non-existent support from their employer or professional body.

David Robert Grimes from Dublin City University’s School of Physical Sciences, co-author of the study, said that the most common reason for the abuse was communicating medical research, because misinformation meant significant numbers of people disagreed with research findings. He said: “Misguided narratives can be supremely damaging, and the anti-vaccine movement is perhaps the most obvious example of this. Despite the life-saving efficacy of vaccination, the rise of social media has seen significant propagation of anti-vaccine narratives, driving uptake rates down and causing serious harm worldwide.”

The study found that public engagement by scientists, clinicians and patient advocates can contribute towards public understanding of medicine, but if people have been influenced by disinformation then they can often target medical professionals who contradict their opinion.

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