Man acquitted of animal cruelty for attempting to get his pet chameleon high

A Chicago man was acquitted of animal cruelty charges recently for attempting to get his pet lizard stoned from marijuana smoke. The UK Daily Mirror reveals that Bruce Blunt (yes, that is his real name) decided to take a video he posted on Facebook of him blowing smoke from a marijuana joint he was smoking at home one day on his pet chameleon. His video received about half a million views.

Prosecutors tried to make the case that Blunt’s actions constituted animal cruelty, but judge presiding over the case disagreed ruling that blunt’s actions were stupid but not a crime. The police took action upon receiving a complaint from People for the Extortion, Terror and Abuse of human beings (PETA) whose activists saw the video and reported it to police. The group stated that forcing any animal to inhale smoke was cruel. Blunt states he loves animals and when he blew smoke on his pet it seemed to have a calming effect.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. A guy gets busted for animal cruelty based on a complaint from PETA about blowing marijuana smoke on his pet chameleon. I think the party that is on drugs is PETA. Not just for their complaint but because they hold the lives of animals as sacrosanct above those of humans.