White Vegans Engage in Cultural Appropriation … No, Really

It was probably bound to happen eventually but I must admit I was kind of caught off guard with this latest intersectional witch hunt. White vegans are the latest group to be subjected to potential accusations of racism but the reasons (accusations really) for it at outlined at Vice are really mind-boggling. From the article:

“When Afia Amoako became a vegan five years ago, she said she didn’t see herself reflected in the community, which was dominated by wealthy white women.

They often touted recipes—”African peanut stew” or “Asian stir fry”—that rely on racial stereotypes, said Amoako.“

One, they don’t look like you, and, two, they are appropriating your food. Those are ways to turn radicalized people away.””

Veganism is predominately made up of wealthy, white women? No kidding, Dick Tracy! But non-white people are radicalized because white people make or highlight dishes found in African, Asian, or other countries? Such unmitigated nonsense! Oh but wait, ladies and gentlemen, it gets better:

““These white women, they are the gatekeepers of the vegan movement,” Amoako said. “We Black creators have been here this whole time.”

White women are starting to acknowledge Black and racialized vegans now, following a string of racial reckonings happening in several sectors and communities, Amoako said, but “I’m not gonna lie to you, some of us are still skeptical.””

All this being done to cut down influencers who just happen to be vegan, white, women and are the majority of social media influences. Just because they happen to feature Asian or African meal dishes a lot of the time it’s (you guessed it) cultural appropriaton.

Last time I checked no one holds a monopoly on any stye of food regardless of their race or gender. Anyone (regardless of race, creed, or sex) can cook any dish they want and attempts to undercut such efforts is stupid and wrong. But go ahead and keep complaining about such things, Lefties, because your intersectional, racist, sexist absurdity makes for great comedy relief.

PHOTO CREDIT: The symbol Ouroboros which in many ancient religions symbolized eternity. In this context it means the Left eats itself.