The Left Lays the Groundwork for Post-Election Violence

After last night’s presidential debate, the mainstream media is already claiming that President Trump would not condemn white supremacists despite his agreeing to and having done so many times in the past. However, none of that matters to the Left. Claims like this play into their narrative the Left can use in order to justify laying the groundwork for mayhem should Joe Biden not win in November.

The Left’s push for people to use mail-in ballots is one other way they hope to either delay the election outcome or make the case the president’s election is illegitimate. They will accuse Trump of not accepting the election results despite mail-in ballot’s high rejection rate and recent cases involving fraud that have been uncovered.

Ultimately, the Left is conducting this charade in order to create chaos down the line in hopes of taking power. In theory, the Left thinks they will be able to cajole the American population into a Faustian bargain whereby they can end up in control after assuring the public that the unrest they’re blaming Donald Trump for will end once if the American people give them power.

The violence will not ever stop if the Left is back in control anywhere as evidenced by the continued violence in places they control, such as New York or Chicago, since chaos is how Leftists maintain power. Joe Biden has already threatened more violence if the president is re-elected and the Left’s dark money operation is already conducting activities to make it happen using excuses such as armed right-wing militia dudes appearing at polling places (i.e. poll watchers), or that Trump won’t leave office if he loses.

Environmentalist organizations, such as Friends of the Earth and the Union of Concerned Scientists, will be participating in the civil disturbances too. This could very well mean eco-terrorists sabotage power plants, power lines, or transmission substations in metropolitan areas including even disruptions of fossil fuel transportation whether by vehicle or pipeline. I shudder to think of what will happen if a power utility or fossil fuel company employee encounters a green saboteur during the course of their activities, or if environmentalists even decide to target the heads of companies that use or extract fossil fuels too.

The most refreshing things that are happening, so far, are Trump’s rise in the polls on the economy, including some polls showing the president won last night’s debate. More importantly, the Democrats have shifted away from their mail-in ballot strategy after suddenly realizing it could hurt their candidates at the ballot box (too little too late).

Hopefully, authorities are investigating and will soon put a stop to the groups planning the post-Election Day uproar. None-the-less, what happens after Election Day is anyone’s guess. But if police agencies don’t put the brakes on the groups readying for violence, it will be abundantly clear that the chaos seen in cities (like Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle) were trial runs for what is to come.

PHOTO CREDIT: By Hungryogrephotos – 20200529-_DSC8322, CC0,

ADDENDUM 10/03/2020: Good news! The Washington Post states the Justice Department is making preparations for Election Day violence and the president told Fox News early last month that they were ready to put any mayhem down very quickly.