American History Is Being Changed Into Woke Fiction

American History is being changed to be made into fiction with Critical Race Theory in our schools. WallBuilder’s President Tim Barton joined BlazeTV‘s Stu Burguiere for a deep dive into how our history is being changed from facts into fiction thanks to those who follow woke ideology. Notice that the Confederacy point of view was… Read More American History Is Being Changed Into Woke Fiction

David Horowitz on the Left’s Heart of Darkness

Freedom Center founder David Horowitz recently joined Dr. Steve Turley’s Insiders Club to discuss his leftist past, the malice at the core of the Left’s agenda, the destruction progressives are perpetrating today — and how the right can best fight back. The fascinating discussion includes a Q&A with the audience. 

Joe Biden Booed At Super Bowl As Culture War Escalates

Biden called for a moment of silence for lives lost to COVID but many were not having it. Now that the left is back in power politically, controlling nearly every cultural institution, the culture war tensions are just escalating and, as Tim Pool points out, the problems are only continuing to get worse.

Learning From History

Most people don’t learn the lessons of history, and that is dangerous. But even more dangerous are the people who do learn the lessons – and use it as the playbook for a repeat performance.