“Michigan Militia” Stopped From Carrying Out Kidnap Plot

While passions are obviously high resulting from COVID-19, violence, threats, or kidnapping of political leaders is not the way to handle disputes or disagreements. That being said, it is good that the FBI was able to stop the Wolverine Watchmen from carrying out their plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Hopefully, the coup plotters will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Not surprisingly, the governor took the time during her press conference to berate President Trump saying he was complicit for the scheme because words matter. Thankfully, the president appropriately shot back. Obviously Whitmer thinks she is exempt from the rules when she berated protesters at the state capitol for having the audacity to openly express their opposition to her unconstitutional coronavirus restrictions.

Don’t forget, after being exposed, Whitmer had to back down from awarding a state contract to a Leftist political group that would have conducted contact tracing in Michigan when it was revealed the organization had ties to her. The governor was also caught attempting to skirt her own lockdown and has recently required state employees to be indoctrinated in critical race theory.

Not surprisingly, some media outlets have labeled the Wolverine Watchmen as a right-wing militia or Trump supporters. However, one of the kidnapping planners is an anarchist and even called Donald Trump a tyrant. When taking into account the text of the agency’s affidavit, the categorization of the clique being right-wing is not clear and may not be accurate.

The Detrot News reports kidnapping planners didn’t just talk about kidnapping the governor and putting her on trial for treason, but also made statements such as conducting a violent overthrow of the government, making threats to instigate a civil war, murdering tyrants and establishing a society of self-sufficiency that closely followed the U.S. Bill of Rights. This is more anarchistic than right-wing.

Regardless of their ideology, it was not a moment too soon that the Wolverine Watchmen were brought to justice. What is wrong is to jump to conclusions assuming the ideology of groups like them are right-wing in order to try to slander political opponents when their target is a politician on the left.

There are violent, revolutionary groups on both sides of the aisle and, while all of them are evil, there’s much more violence hailing from the Governor Whitmer’s side than Trump’s. Worst part about it, most Democrats won’t condemn and will even praise the groups responsible.

ADDENDUM 10/10/20: And just like that, the media dropped coverage of the Wolverine Watchmen because of their support of minorities, Black Lives (Don’t) Matter, indifference to any political party but just hated Donald Trump. Narrative of right-wing militia destroyed.