The Left Plays “Block and Tackle” in Red States

A curious article was published yesterday in the Washington Free Beacon. A Texas U.S. House candidate named Helane Lulu Sawsan Seikaly was revealed to have used her parent’s home address to vote while living and working in California.

While Seikaly is likely to lose to her Republican opponent anyway, this demonstrates what the Left does to take advantage of loose legal standards in place based on trust in order to gain power. In this instance it is a tactic called Block and Tackle. Leftist nonprofits recruit people who have residency in Red states to run for office and even pay to move non-residents into Red states in order to flip them by blocking Republican voters and then tackling the state by making it Democrat-majority.

This also explains why immigration is a topic that was not raised during the presidential and vice presidential debates, nor is it reported much the mainstream media. Doing so makes it easier for the Left to bring in more illegal immigrants in order to help switch Republican states to Democrat. The longer an issue (like illegal immigration) is kept under the radar makes it easier for the Left to continue.

PHOTO CREDIT: Linemen blocking for the running back By Royalbroil – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,