The Left Plays “Block and Tackle” in Red States

A curious article was published yesterday in the Washington Free Beacon. A Texas U.S. House candidate named Helane Lulu Sawsan Seikaly was revealed to have used her parent's home address to vote while living and working in California. While Seikaly is likely to lose to her Republican opponent anyway, this demonstrates what the Left does … Continue reading The Left Plays “Block and Tackle” in Red States

Press Election Desperation

The current news cycle shows how desperate the press and Twitter are becoming about the election. Also, it should be noted that Nancy Pelosi is really hoping the mail-in vote fraud the Democrats will use to create chaos this November will enable Democrats in the U.S. House to elect Joe Biden. If they lose, the … Continue reading Press Election Desperation

America is Witnessing a Brazen Power Grab

Leftists literally view politics as a religion and want to dismantle every institution that is a roadblock to their ability to achieve power at all costs. DEFINITION: Chaotic Evil people's lives are made up of self interest grounded in chaos. They make it a point to support efforts disrupting law and order such as … Continue reading America is Witnessing a Brazen Power Grab

A Wave Of Censorship Sweeps Across Internet Banning the President and Pro-Trump Voices

Twitch said that Trump's 2016 speech and recent Tulsa rally violated their rules. Now over 2,000 different subreddits including The Donald have been banned. The Donald is one of the most prominent if not the most prominent hub for Trump supporters. All of the stops are being pulled out to defeat President Trump.

Greenpeace employee implicated in vote fraud plot

Project Veritas head James O'Keefe has stung three people who are employees of Democrat Party support groups - Work for Progress, Greenpeace and Rep. Joe Salazar's campaign - in which all three people are implicated in a plot to commit vote fraud in Colorado. Back in 2012, the Left laughed at allegations of vote fraud … Continue reading Greenpeace employee implicated in vote fraud plot