Leftists Continue To Advocate For Post-Election Violence

The Left seems unwilling to back down on being violent post-November 3rd. Regardless of the outcome of the election in November, the Left is not only preparing but also calling for mass violence and even providing a strategy on how to do it. According to Breitbart, one group known as ShutDownDC recently published an online document that outlines a plan to disrupt the country non-violently as part of a coup in order to eventually force Trump from office.

Consistent with the Left’s ideological subversion strategy, as Breitbart points out, ShutDownDC does not want a return to normal since it will mean continuing to live under the oppressive system in place (i.e. capitalism). Also, they will also not make value judgments about the tactical approaches other people and organizations may choose to embrace. Of course, there is also the Leftist coalition named Fight Back Table that is planning for a post-Election apocalypse too.

Worse still, a Colorado Democrat operative, trainer, and mentor for a Leftist revolutionary group named Kris Jacks disclosed the violent means the Left will use should President Trump be re-elected (video below), saying 2020 is a political revolution. Like I have pointed out before, the Left haven’t been radicalized, they are radicals and statements, like those of Kris Jacks and plans for violent or non-violent efforts to eventually achieve a political coup should be taken very seriously.

Understand what’s going on around you, You are in a state of war and you have precious little time to save yourself. – Yuri Bezmenov, ex-KGB agent