So Long, New Zealand!

New Zealand voters have overwhelmingly re-elected the Labour Party and it’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is sure to be reappointed for another term. Notably, the Kiwi’s Lefti-wing party has embraced climate craziness by banning offshore oil drilling and planned to outlaw petroleum-powered vehicles.

Fortunately, Labour hasn’t been able to ban fossil fuel-powered cars and trucks like they had hoped. But when the #COVID-19 outbreak hit, it was all downhill from there. Ardern and her bunch were able to implement a number of liberty-destroying initiatives such as disarming law abiding citizens (gotta love that panic buying), warrant-less searches and seizures, along with lockdowns to boot.

Labour undoubtedly did have a little help from Xi Jinping across the sea. Back in July, it was reported Ardern was the subject of an investigation, that was quickly swept under the rug, for supposedly having ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Despite Ardern and comrade Xi supposedly not getting along over her alleged support of Taiwan is, most likely, nothing more than Kabuki theater.

For example, when Bernie Sanders ran against Hillary Clinton, he did so as token (rather than actual) opposition. His role was to make Hillary look moderate but Sanders ended up endorsing Hillary anyway. This is the kind of bait-and-switch the left plays all the time and if Ardern is using this playbook, her (ahem) fall out with China will be no different.

No doubt with Labour’s re-election in Kiwiland will come the corruption that comes with giving the Left power like was seen in the United States. Consequently, a Donald Trump will come about and clean up the mess Labour built. Until then, China’s got their gal in New Zealand!

ADDENDUM: The international press seems reluctant to give Ardern their blessing, since she’s reportedly done very little in terms of policy or to address the issues she ran on three years ago.