Democrat Wants More “Big Tech” Censorship

During the 1990’s, it was reported that religious conservative groups had taken over the Republican Party in order to institute a theocratic dictatorship. During the early 1980’s, one televangelist stated that the lyrics of some Led Zeppelin songs said had Satanic messages in them when played backwards. Efforts were made by other religious right groups to ban or condemn different forms of protected speech too.

However, what the press did at the time was either knowingly or not ignore the elephant in the room: the Left. Now that most of the nation’s cultural organs (such as the news media, entertainment, academia, and technology) are under their control, the Left no longer needs free speech and they’re being the totalitarians they truly are.

Consequently, with the help of the many people they have indoctrinated or convinced of dire circumstances resulting from Donald Trump, the Left is making efforts to overthrow the government of the United States in order to institute a dictatorship of their own, including eradicating their political opposition.

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey reminded Americans of the Left’s disdain for our country’s freedoms in a short speech he delivered (video below) at today’s U.S. Senate hearings on social media censorship. In it, Markey basically said social media censorship of conservatives and libertarians should be done more often. It just so happens he is closely associated with AOC and it shows.

Think of the Left’s vision of a techno-dystopia or cultural revolution towering over people like North Korea’s RyungYong Hotel (a.k.a. the Hotel of Doom) dominates the skyline of the nation’s capitol, PyongYang. Not one Democrat defended free speech during today’s assembly and there was a time the Left cherished it, but those days are long gone because the Left’s end goal is power by any means necessary.