Trump Continues to Push Civil Service Reform

Almost since his first term began, President Trump has made numerous efforts to change federal civil service employment rules that will make it easier to fire certain federal employees. Last week, the president issued a new executive order that would strip mid-level or political appointees of certain employment protections, essentially making their employment at-will.

This may sound bad and the media is certainly hyping Trump’s attempts, but it makes a lot of sense and is a long time coming. For too long, the lines in civil service employment between magisterial (i.e. those who develop policy) and ministerial employees (i.e. those who implement) has been blurred to where federal employees who assist cabinet-level heads of agencies (i.e. magisterial) make policies.

Trump’s efforts to push through employment changes can make it easier for him to fire bureaucrats who not only could act in contradiction to his policies but also seek to undermine his service making policies or conducting activities in opposition to his the president’s intent. This while being paid huge salaries with lavish benefits and generous pensions provided at taxpayer expense.

During the Obama Administration, for example, there were numerous instances of collusion between environmentalists and EPA employees who were authoring and implementing environmental rules demonstrating even a revolving door between the National Resources Defense Council and the federal agency. This along with former Obama Administration officials being hired by groups, like the NRDC, shortly after the president took office while others would remain in employed to aid the resistance and devouring those who are employed in government out of a sense of service and not careerism.

Hopefully, a Republican-controlled Congress can push through legislation to enact the employment changes president Trump wants. The Left has made a concerted effort to infiltrate federal agencies since about the 1970’s. While some federal employees have resigned resulting from Trump’s employment reform attempts, the threat of others remaining to make further attempts to take down a legitimately elected, sitting president of the United States is still very real.