Leftist Malfeasance On Display

Democrats encouraged the present chaotic conditions, then potentially try to cheat by bringing in ballots to heighten the vote totals favoring Biden or ineptly handle ballot tabulations. Then Trump sues to stop the vote fraud. If the president prevails, the Left claims Trump stole the election! Trump was elected by the courts, not the people! Not my president! See how this game is played?

It just so happens that these shenanigans are taking place in states where Democrats (the party notorious for pulling off vote fraud schemes) somehow control or have leadership roles in the election results. In fairness, Republicans conduct vote fraud too but their record is more isolated and it is not highly looked upon nor accepted among the Right as much as it is on the Left. Democrats have literally made vote fraud an art form. What is happening with vote tallies is not necessarily an indication of an inside job via smoke-filled backroom deals, but could be evidence of Leftist power seeking, corruption, outright incompetence or a combination of all three.

Yet again, however, Democrats assert their high-and-mightiness in a mentality similar to the divine right of kings, the very notion Americans revolted against when seeking our independence. Michigan, for example, has a Democrat Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State. Additionally, Maricopa County, Arizona’s County Recorder (who is in charge of tabulating votes) and the state’s Secretary of State are Democrats. Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson just told the local press that Anyone who questions election accuracy is attacking democracy. This remark alone is a huge red flag.

A declaration like Benson’s is a way for her to silence opposition, demand people accept whatever she declares the vote results are, and if you dare question her you are a racist, sexist, etc. Even Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Tom Wolfe reeled against Trump’s questioning his state’s ballot gathering results in which Wolfe’s statement doesn’t differentiate between ballots cast on or before Election Day and those that are not. Remember, Hillary Clinton said four years ago anyone unwilling to accept election results is a direct threat to our democracy. Shortly after Trump taking office, Democrats demonstrated their gaslighting treating Americans to their dog and pony show Trump-Russia investigation as part of their coup attempts that turned up nothing.

Transparency is one of the keys to maintaining a civil society. In the instances of Democrats running the show, it is clear their words and actions are speaking very loudly that they consider any opposition or questioning of their conduct as sinful. Statements issued and actions on the part of leaders such as Clinton, Wolfe, or Benson make it abundantly clear that what they say goes and no one should dare anyone question a Leftist’s authority or there will be hell to pay.

In short, Democrats seek to rule and not govern. There is a difference and when you have a group of elites who believe their election is divinely inspired, cheating, demonizing or dehumanizing your opponents, and even directing violence against them are deemed acceptable forms of conduct. With all of the above in mind, and Trump’s numerous efforts at rooting out and exposing corruption, and with the questionable results of elections, like what happened with Al Franken, can you really blame the president for seeking redress through the courts?

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