Find The Meat Eater Mole

The YouTube show Odd Man Out has an episode where a group of 7 people try to make out who among them is a meat eater. Notice the different personalities among the group such as Erin who is the more ideological while Brandon is much more rational. Unfortunately, most vegans tend to be more like … Continue reading Find The Meat Eater Mole

Oxford Professor Flips Script on Divestment Students

Recently, a group of students at Oxford's St. John's College wrote to Professor Andrew Parker to discuss their demands about the university divesting from fossil fuels. As you can probably guess, being that this took place at Oxford, the students presented the university with a philosophical quandry. However, professor Parker's response was to use the … Continue reading Oxford Professor Flips Script on Divestment Students

El Paso Shooter Killed People to Save Environment

20 people are dead and 26 injured resulting from a dreadful mass shooting that took place at a Walmart near the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas yesterday. According to The New York Times, the suspect is Dallas resident Patrick Crusius. What should be of note isn't just that Crusius used an AK-47 battle … Continue reading El Paso Shooter Killed People to Save Environment

Apollo and Dionysus

During 1972, Ayn Rand delivered a lecture at Boston’s Ford Hall Forum. In her lecture, she contrasts two major events from that summer’s news: the Apollo 11 moon landing and the Woodstock music festival. Using the symbolism and meaning of the Greek gods Apollo and Dionysus, Ms. Rand outlines the fundamental conflict of our age: … Continue reading Apollo and Dionysus

The Moral Bankruptcy of the Ayn Rand Institute’s Defense of “Big Tech”

Despite posting my condemnation of the Ayn Rand Institute a few years ago for their wretched tirades against President Donald Trump, and ARI's de-facto alliance with the Left, it is necessary to condemn them once again. In light of recent events surrounding the activities of technology corporations (such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, and Paypal), a.k.a. … Continue reading The Moral Bankruptcy of the Ayn Rand Institute’s Defense of “Big Tech”

The Moral Basis of Capitalism

With Socialist ideas getting such wide coverage and with the events in London to disrupt commerce in the city, capitalism needs defending now more than ever. In this video, author and philosopher Dr. Andrew Bernstein makes a very good moral case for capitalism. The creator's concern is the conquest of nature. The parasite's concern is … Continue reading The Moral Basis of Capitalism

Stefan Molyneux Free Speech Event Cancelled!

Libertarian YouTube vlogger Stefan Molyneux and journalist Lauren Southern were slated to speak on March 15th at a gathering to be held at the University of British Columbia by their Free Speech Club. Unfortunately, due to threats and intimidation by left-wing activists, UBC cancelled the event resulting from security concerns. Upon changing the event to … Continue reading Stefan Molyneux Free Speech Event Cancelled!

The Communism Behind Environmentalism

The Epoch Times is serializing a translation of a new book published by the paper's editorial team entitled How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World. The book is an educational effort to point out how Communism did not end with the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and still haunts the … Continue reading The Communism Behind Environmentalism