Stop Paying For TV Wokeness With Your Cable and Satellite Bill

I was clearing my mobile devices of unused apps yesterday, and happened upon one I hadn’t used in quite a while. PlutoTV is a website that provides users free television programs, including live news, sports, and even movies. Best of all, they also have applications on Android and Apple so you can stream their programs from your mobile devices. What is great about PlutoTV is that channels such as One America News EncoreNewsmax, and even BlazeTV  are included along with a decent selection of other programs and shows. 

This was terrific to find out because of some details I have read about doing more research on the subject of cable and satellite services after the firestorm of controversy due to Fox News‘ judgement on Election Night. One article I read pointed out a portion of your cable or satellite bill goes to networks like Fox and CNN. It’s called a carriage fee and, this charge not only makes television ratings irrelevant, but you also help subsidize the very networks you disdain regardless if you watch them or not. 

You could buy a Roku device or use their mobile application, or even use other apps that also provide free movies and TV such as Tubi or Crackle. So if you no longer want to subsidize woke corporations that take your money and then use it to insult you, give apps like PlutoTV a try. You could save a lot of money and feel better knowing you’ve opted out of subsidizing the woke, legacy media cartel.