New Mexico Gives Illegal Immigrants #COVID-19 Aid

New Mexico, a deep deep Blue state with a governor just as evil as Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, has seen it fit to force U.S. taxpayers to fund illegal immigrants. This is probably a crime under federal law, not that it matters to the left. Marco Rubio is hard at work to give them more.

New Mexico sends undocumented immigrants state pandemic relief money

By Joseph Choi, 12/23/20, The Hill

Fifteen thousand New Mexico residents who were previously ineligible for stimulus checks have begun to receive payment from the state government, The Associated Press reports, including some immigrant residents who are in the U.S. without work authorization.

Officials from the New Mexico Human Services Department told the AP that checks or direct deposits of $465 were sent out this week. 

The AP notes that the New Mexico legislature committed $5 million to be given to those who had not received federal payments in April. Agency officials told the news outlet that an additional $2 million had been identified on top of the $5 million already set aside.