Child Climate Anxiety Leads to Mental Health Crisis

Children have become so upset at the climate doom-and-gloom that some are embracing climate activism so they can maintain their sanity, while others (tragically) contemplate or commit suicide the Los Angeles Times states. They’re joining questionable groups like the Sunrise Movement which has been linked to helping organize or support the George Floyd riots.

Spoon feed children constant propaganda of a coming climate change apocalypse and they will either join violent groups, commit suicide or opt-out of having children of their own because they have been taught to hate themselves and their existence. But groups, like the Sunrise Movement, seem to relish in feeding them as much dread and anguish as possible as taught in school that they then will even look for information to reinforce their dread even at home.

Is this how parents want their kids to live? To learn and grow? The environmentalist indoctrination is really child abuse since it takes away a child’s joy of living. Though potentially easier said than done, the answer is simple: stop scaring children!

Parents need to take control of their kid’s education and insist or demand schools stop teaching environmentalist propaganda or pull their kids out entirely. For education institutions and the media to continue to scare children like this without instructing on how to evaluate situations using critical thinking is a moral crime.