Breaking Point: “War is Coming”

Michael Yon is a former Green Beret and a free-lance war correspondent who has covered conflicts like those in Iraq and Afghanistan, including insurgencies and civil wars. Recently, on his Twitter page, Yon responded to someone who asked why there has not been any outrage regarding the Tennessee Christmas bombing. Yon bluntly replied War is coming and it would likely begin either this Spring or Summer.

I post this with great trepidation. If Yon is right, the build-up to domestic conflict has been perpetuating for some time, and (if history is any guide) the left will get their wish for conflict fulfilled. The left’s Pickett’s Charge in their culture war was ramped up in 2016 after Donald Trump was elected president. They and their media lapdogs openly and actively sought to de-legitimize and de-humanize the president and his supporters. Even after the president was defeated in November and despite Joe Biden’s calls for the country to heal and unite, the left’s blood lust continues.

After the left unsuccessfully tried to revoke our right to bear arms, they conducted witch hunts by taking to social media and other means to un-person certain celebrities and personalities accused of (but not proven to have conducted) a wide variety of terrible misconduct. They then sought to lay the groundwork for their Year Zero by destroying certain historical artifacts, including cancelling historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, and Frederick Douglas. Despite history’s complexities, Congress recently decided to weigh in too. The left used the COVID-19 outbreak to restrict our freedoms and the occasion of the death of George Floyd to riot, loot, and even burn sections of multiple cities across the nation.

A recent reminder of how vicious the left’s foot soldiers have become took place recently at a Virginia high school where a bi-racial student, Jimmy Galligan, dug up a four year old video forwarded to him by a friend that was posted by Mimi Groves (a white female student who just turned 19) on social media in which she carelessly used the N-word. Consequently, Miss Groves’ dreams of attending the University of Tennessee vanished since Galligan used the video he kept tucked away in an act of malice against Mimi Groves and, worst of all, the youth does not regret his actions.

At the very least, if any backlash is to come resulting from the events of the past year, revenge will be exacted on leftist groups who blame the system they are revolting against as the reason for the mayhem, despite their being the root cause. If trends continue, the breaking point for all of this will come soon. When it does, unfortunately, it will be citizens who take matters into their own hands to restore order because their elected officials and police departments could or would not.

“In tragic life, God wot, No villain need be. Passions spin the plot: We are betrayed by what is false within.” – George Meredith, Love’s Grave