“QAnon Shaman” is a Climate Change Activist

Over a week after the siege of Capitol Hill, facts are still coming out about people who participated in that terrible event. Not only have individuals with ANTIFA been identified among the vandals, but one particular invader proclaimed the QAnon Shaman named Jake Angeli of Chandler, Arizona has a green thumb.

According to AZCentral, Angeli (who’s real name is Jacob Anthony Chansley) attended the so-called climate strikes during September of last year. He was even carrying a sign saying the icecaps are melting, lead a crowd in a yell, and demanded action on climate change. Angeli was described as shamanistic practitioner who was quite passionate while conducting his actions too.

No doubt Angeli was a passionate supporter of President Trump and not playing with a full deck, but after trying to portray him as a potential white supremacist, Angeli’s recorded climate activism will probably be one more instance the leftist media will someone sink down their rabbit hole. Because Angeli is on record of conducting climate change activism, he is no longer useful to bludgeon President Trump and his followers.