Victorian Farmers Accuse Officials of Slow Walking Protections

State farmers accuse the government of Victoria, Australia of slow walking protections to prevent attacks by animal rights hoodlums. According to ABC, an inquiry started on May after a number of attacks that took place over a two year period prior. But the parliamentary investigation to look into farmer attacks was recently tabled.

Despite committing to implementing most of the initial recommendations to curb farmer harassment, there has been little action on the part of Victoria’s state. A farmer’s trade group feels vulnerable yet they are the ones who produce products Victoria residents like to eat. Despite assurances of Victoria’s Agriculture Minister, the state’s government is controlled by the Labour Party so the slow implementation, despite the coronavirus pandemic, is no surprise.

The lack of action on the part of Victoria’s politicos is abundantly clear, they are actually on the animal rights gangster’s side and could care less about the lives they ruin.