Environmentalists Want Border Wall Construction Halt Permanent

A representative of the Center for Biological Diversity named Laiken Jordahl was interviewed recently demanding a permanent end to construction of the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border after Joe Biden ordered it stopped. According to Border Report, despite the review by the White House to consider a permanent ban in two months, construction companies hope to resume work by that time.

Jordahl’s priorities are the alleged safety and well-being of the wildlife along the border where the wall is to be built and has no concern for the welfare and safety of people who’s lives are ruined resulting from unchecked immigration. It’s not just Americans who are affected but the illegal immigrants too as filmmaker Namrata Singh found out and reveals in a movie she produced about this subject.

Ultimately, environmentalists oppose border walls because they use nature as an excuse not to defend the United States or any civilized country because human life is of little value to them. Environmentalists also pay little price for the results of the policies they support.