The Dirty Little Secret About “Green Energy”

With the unfortunate situation in Texas about their power grid shutting down because of the cold, one other dirty little secret of so-called renewables is the cobalt extracted for lithium batteries used, not only for smartphones and computers, but also electric cars and windmills too.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is notorious for having mines, not only where workers take extreme risks to extract the metal, but even kids are used too. The wages paid are piddly and Congo cobalt mining is literally slave labor. One human rights activist who helped expose child labor used and poor working conditions in cobalt mining had to flee the country out of fear for his life.

Fortunately, a lawsuit has been initiated against technology companies who hired a China-based mining company that uses child labor in Congo cobalt mining, tech companies are trying to make alternative means to obtain cobalt, and, thankfully, two Swiss-based mining companies pledged to take steps to stop the practice. So far not outcry or condemnations from environmentalists about all of this. What should also be of concern, is China’s efforts to dominate cobalt resources in the DRC too.

Since the Confederates were all Democrats, the ideology behind slavery (especially when it involves black people) isn’t dead, it has just been re-tooled to deceive for the times. Worst of all, people fall for it.

PHOTO CREDIT: Two children workers at a cobalt mine in the DRC. Source unknown.