Biden #COVID-19 Relief Bill Includes Kickbacks for Leftist Groups, “Environmental Justice”

Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats’ pork-laden so-called COVID-19 relief bill not only doles out millions, and even billions, of dollars in kickbacks to a variety of leftist groups and political pet projects, but, according to Just The News, there is this one item set aside for environmentalists:

“The bill also earmarks $50,000,000 for “grants, contracts, and other agency activities” that “implement the environmental justice purposes and objectives” outlined in a Feb. 16, 1994 executive order by Bill Clinton.

That order directs federal agencies to “identify and address the disproportionately high and adverse human health or environmental effects of their actions on minority and low-income populations, to the greatest extent practicable and permitted by law,” and further directs those agencies to “develop a strategy for implementing environmental justice.”

There are also signs that the the left will revive their claim that climate change is a racial issue, essentially saying the United States is too prosperous and has too many resources. Therefore, the U.S. must sacrifice itself to poor, undeveloped countries and even neighborhoods allegedly negatively impacted by climate change that are largely black or Hispanic.

In reality, it is just another excuse to not only condemn the country, but also dole out party favors to more leftist organizations, like environmentalist groups, that are mostly made up of white liberals.

No doubt the next step to support their claims will be scientific manuscripts released, like one from two years ago, making the case that white people create more air pollution that negatively affects black and Hispanic populations. Then followed by more research attempting to make the case that white people’s diets contribute to climate change.

Some climate or environmental justice, huh? Use climate science to further hatred of one ethnic group while favoring others that, in turn, results in racial hostility.