Hollywood Shortlists Indian-Made Film That Praises Illegal Immigration

The Academy Awards will be used as a platform by Hollywood to virtue signal again and show Joe Biden they have his back in time for the expected inflow of even more illegal immigrants into the United States. This time a movie made 2 years ago in India entitled The Illegal has been shortlisted for Best Picture at the Oscars that will take place in April. The Illegal is reportedly about the plight of an Indian illegal immigrant in the United States.

However, late last year, Namrata Singh Gujral who is a filmmaker of Indian descent, a registered Democrat, and voted for Donald Trump released her film America’s Forgotten. Gujral changed her mind about illegal immigration while doing the research on the issue while working on her movie.

Small wonder that Ms. Gujral’s work was not even considered for recognition by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences since her movie is about the realities of illegal immigration. Instead of giving her findings a fair hearing or consideration since they are based on her research, Hollywood would rather live in denial and also encourage more slave labor for Blue State elites by promoting a movie that makes migrating to and living in the United States illegally out to be a noble act.