New York Baby May Have Died Due To “Biblical” Vegan Diet

A baby boy named Kameri Garriques in Jamaica, Queens in New York City is dead of malnutrition. The New York Post states the mother, Carla, is under investigation by city authorities of not properly feeding her six-month old baby vegan food she claims she was following Biblical teachings.

However, six months after the baby’s unfortunate demise, police deemed the child’s death a homicide after medical examiners determined the infant might have died resulting from malnourishment and the mother, who denies her baby was underweight and was being fed properly, is now a person of interest.

Carla Garriques is said to have a history of abusing drugs and her other children have been removed from her custody by city child welfare officials resulting from Kameri’s unfortunate passing. The mother is quoted saying she fed her son formula absent chemicals and did not vaccinate her baby either.

In fact, even Jesus, who was an observant Jew, ate the Passover meal every year, including his Last Supper, that included a sacrificial lamb. In many faiths it is left up to the individual believer as to what course of action they wish to take in terms of what they eat. However, if a believer decides to follow the vegan diet, most likely, it could be considered sinful if they do not plan or prepare to balance their nutrition for what they lose after no longer eating meat.

Regardless of the religious implications or her views, Carla Garriques may have killed her baby because she decided to follow what she concluded was Biblical teachings in terms of what food she, her son (and may be even her other children) consumed. Tragically, it might have cost her son, Kameri, his life.