Leila Centner’s Bait-and-Switch?

Centner Academy co-founder and CEO, Leila Centner, appeared for an interview yesterday to clarify what her school’s vaccine policy is, or does she? While seemingly not backing down, it looks like Centner is trying to do a bait-and-switch essentially saying: You can get the vaccination but if you do, we can’t guarantee your job when you get back.

If, according to school policy, parents of students have the freedom not to vaccinate their kids, then the staff should have the freedom to vaccinate. It never ceases to amaze when so-called conservatives use leftist double talk. It must be a consequence of their brain juices drying out after drinking the Kool Aid given out by environmentalists like RFK, Jr. and Joe Mercola. Time will also tell if the reporter was any good at getting clarification from Centner, but she and her husband’s opposition to vaccines is pretty deep.