South African Scientist Blames Anti-GMO Groups For Slowing Growth of Bio-Tech Foods

Dr. Jennifer Thomson who is emeritus professor in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Cape Town blamed anti-GMO activists for the slow rate of African countries embracing genetically modified foods (aka GMO’s). According to MJoyOnline, Dr. Thomas made these remarks during a live webinar that reviewed a book she authored entitled: GM Crops and the Global Divide. She is quoted as saying:

““It’s the fault of the activists,” she observed. “They have made the regulations so unwieldy and so expensive that it’s only the multinationals who can afford [to take these crops from concept to commercialization].  It’s just too expensive to put it through the glass house trials and green house trials and field trials…. it’s not the fault of the multinationals but the anti-GM activists who have made the regulations so unwieldy.””

Presently, it is only legal to grow GMO’s in 5 (South Africa, South Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, and Eswatini) out of 54 African nations. Dr. Thomas also observed that the opposition to GMO’s in Africa originally came about resulting from a trade war in which African countries did not want American and European GM crops to flood their markets. Later on GMO food consumption was legalized but cultivating was not.

Dr. Thomas took the opportunity to urge leaders of countries that do not allow GMO crop cultivation to legalize the practice stating: Let the farmers decide. and Give it to the farmers. Anti-GMO groups are environmentalists who are very hostile to any kind of changing nature in order for mankind to preserve or even enhance their lives and their opposition to African, Latin American, and even Asian countries using GMO’s to feed their populations is true environmental racism.

Fewer manufactured food results in a higher likelihood that people (especially Africans) will starve and even die of hunger. It’s easy to protest GMO’s when the ones doing it aren’t going hungry and have access to lots of food. Then again, that is obviously the point of environmentalist’s opposition to GMO’s. With all of the attention the left’s riots that loot and destroy minority-owned businesses with the George Floyd riots have gotten in the U.S., environmentalists have been conducting racist campaigns to kill off minorities by opposing GMO’s in foreign countries for years.