Biden BLM Nominee May Have Ties to Eco-Terrorists

Joe Biden’s nominee for Director of Bureau of Land Management, Tracy Stone-Manning, may have ties to eco-terrorists. This, according to The Washington Times, citing information from court records on the part of Wyoming Senator David Barrasso detailing her activities with the eco-radical group Earth First!

Stone-Manning reportedly joined the EarthFirst! in 1988 while attending graduate school but left the group after 3 years. EarthFirst! terrorists are well known for spiking trees including other activities geared to prevent logging. Some of their efforts have even resulted in company employees being injured including issuing death threats.

Stone-Manning claimed she was unaware of EarthFirst! spiking incidents, but one of her activities involved editing the group’s publication that included stories involving tree spiking. Manning was given immunity from prosecution after agreeing to testify against some of her former EarthFirst! colleagues during a 1993 tree-spiking trial in Idaho.

The Daily Caller also reports Biden’s nominee also admitted during testimony that she sent a threatening letter to the U.S. Forest Service that also warned of tree-spiking at a local forest as well. But since her testimony, the Caller reveals, Stone-Manning has provided conflicting statements about her involvement.

Joe Biden’s administration is made up of the most radical, anti-American scum ever to grace the face of the Earth. The left or Democrat Party is nothing more than a bunch of self-serving elites who despise the Constitution and rule of law, especially private property. Despite her milquetoast record since her EarthFirst! involvement, there is no record of Tracy Stone-Manning at least expressing remorse or sincere regret for what she did. Stone-Manning should not be approved as BLM Director, as Obama’s example points out: once a radical, always a radical.