California Could Lose Pork Products Due to New Pig Rules

Starting next year, Golden State residents are going to have a lot less pork options to eat resulting from a ballot initiative passed in 2018. According to the Associated Press, 2022 is when enforcement of rules requiring more cage space for pigs, chickens who lay eggs, and veal calves begin.

While nationally-based pork food producers can meet the new requirements, the AP states only a fraction of Golden State hog operators are presently in compliance. Consequently, California not only stands to lose almost its entire pork supply, most of which is shipped in from Iowa, in which pork meat production costs stand to go very high too. One farmer interviewed by the AP stated he would have to raise his individual pig selling prices an additional $20 in order to cover the costs.

With pork no longer available in California, it not only will hurt local restaurants and state supermarkets very hard, but pork prices nationwide could go up very high since pork meat production companies have lots of customers. The AP also reports the National Pork Producers Council has gone to court to get the new laws struck down, has applied for aid from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in order to help their members pay for upgrades to comply with the laws, and has even asked Governor Gavin Newsom to delay the new pork rules.

The so-called California Humane Society thumbed its nose at the pork product makers, essentially saying suck it up. They and other so-called animal rights groups got the initiative on the ballot and probably misrepresented what it was about. People like the so-called Humane Society and PETA don’t have to live with the consequences of their actions and have well paying jobs paid for by millionaires and billionaires to their nonprofits.

Hopefully, this new laws will be delayed or struck down. This is another demonstration that animal rights groups are not about the humane treatment of animals, but are actually about the animalistic treatment of humans.