Media Panics Over Joe Rogan’s Use of Ivermectin to Treat #COVID-19

Podcast and YouTube personality Joe Rogan recently announced on Instagram that he had contracted COVID-19. Upon learning this, he threw the kitchen sink at his illness taking multiple drugs, according to CBS News, including ivermectine which is typically used as an anti-parasite drug for animals.

Thankfully, Rogan is fine but the mainstream media is obviously panicked about Rogan’s treatment claiming ivermectine is unproven. As it turns out, according to the India Times, India has been using ivermectine among other drugs (such as hydroxychloriquine) to treat COVID-19 in which the drug has also been successfully used to treat tropical diseases, including even scabies. Back in July, a doctor in Omaha, Nebraska says he successfully treated coronavirus patients with ivermectine too.

There is no indication that Joe Rogan is vaccinated and it is good he was able to highlight ivermectine as a drug to administer to COVID-19 patients. Rogan’s doing so also revealed how tightly the media is wedded to the Biden administration and its efforts to push people to vaccinate. This isn’t about saving lives, it’s about the left using medicine as a way to manipulate and control people.