#COVID-19 Cases Spike In Cities With Strict Virus Rules

Despite reimposing a mask mandate in July, Los Angeles County saw nearly a 700% increase from its 2 week average. According to data assembled and updated Monday by The New York Times, despite cases rising rapidly around the country, cities with mask and vaccination mandates are seeing the largest share of increases in COVID-19.

For example, despite Washington D.C. reinstating an indoor mask mandate and vaccine passport late last month, the district is seeing over 2100 cases a day which is nearly a 500% increase over a two week period. During mid-December, New York imposed an indoor mask mandate, while New York City enacted even tougher restrictions shortly thereafter. However, New York Times data says the Empire State has seen an average of 400,000 cases so far. But in 2022 the state’s reported cases are way up from the beginning of the 2021 peak at 251,000.

Chicago had the overall highest COVID-19 case increases in which the city just enacted a vaccine passport and Illinois has had a state-wide mask mandate in place since early last month. During August of last year, Boston instituted a mask requirement, yet The New York Times data states there has been an approximate 250% increase in coronavirus cases in Suffolk County in the last two weeks.

More and more it is abundantly clear the measures enacted in major cities in the United States to control the spread of coronavirus are not working and do nothing to slow or stop COVID-19 infections. It can only be concluded that the public health measures are being used as a means to control people and not to address the problems associated with coronavirus spreading among the populace.