CNN & WaPo Fact-Checkers Gives Thumbs Down On White House Tweet

It is abundantly clear now that the Ministry of Truth … er … Disinformation Governance Board recently established by the Biden administration is nothing more than leftist gaslighting. This evidenced by a White House tweet posted yesterday about the coronavirus vaccine’s availability claiming that the inoculation was not available upon his taking office despite Biden getting the shot one month prior. According to Fox News, the White House’s tweet was refuted by Washington Post editor and fact-checker Glenn Kessler shortly thereafter:

CNN reporter Daniel Dale chimed in as well:

To which The Hill columnist Joe Concha appropriately replied:

This is also an example of how leftists leech off of the productivity of others. In this case, Biden is still trying to take credit for the COVID-19 vaccine in order deny former President Trump recognition for his hard work even though the present occupant of the Oval Office questioned the safety and effectiveness of the immunization while campaigning for office two years ago.