Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Mask and Vaccine Requirements For Head Start Child Care Facility Staff

A few days ago, Joe Biden declared the COVID-19 pandemic as being over and today a Louisiana federal judge struck down a Biden administration mandate requiring Head Start child care facility staff to be immunized and wear masks. From The Hill:

U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty issued a permanent injunction against federal agencies enforcing Head Start vaccine and masking requirements.

In his ruling, Doughty found that the plaintiffs had satisfied the requirements to warrant a permanent injunction. He ruled that the plaintiffs — a group of Head Start teachers from across the country along with several state governments — faced a “substantial threat of irreparable injury” if the mandate wasn’t taken down.

“Plaintiff States will incur the increased cost of training and of enforcing the Head Start Mandate, will be unable to enforce their laws, and will have their police power encroached. The Court finds that this would be an irreparable injury,” Doughty wrote.

Late last year, Head Start teacher Sandy Brick filed the lawsuit to stop the mandate and is represented by the national law firm Liberty Justice Center and the Louisiana-based Pelican Institute for Public Policy. Lawyers for these firms say that this is a huge victory for her and America. Thankfully, Ms. Brick is not the only Head Start teacher standing up to stop Biden’s coronavirus tyranny.